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Mr & Mrs Chadu

Let me tell you a story………

Once upon a time in a land far away (Thailand) lived a young boy whose father had died and his mother could no longer care for him and his sisters.  There were some Australians working in an orphanage in Thailand who rescued this young boy and his sisters and gave them a home at the orphanage where they worked.  After about 6 years the Australians who rescued the young boy moved back to Australia.

The young boy continued living at the orphanage and as he grew into a man he continued to work at the orphanage.

Meanwhile in Australia there was a young girl who was never really happy…..Don’t get me wrong she was happy on the outside but deep down something was missing.  She was bullied at school and thought that she would never find love.

Now the Australians who rescued the little boy (now a man) attended the same church as the young girl (now a woman), and they organised a trip to Thailand to help out at the orphanage.  The young girl almost reluctantly went along………to cut a long story short the young boy (now a man) and the young girl (now a woman) met and fell in love.  It is true what they say that love knows no bounds as these two couldn’t even speak each others language and they lived continents apart.  But now 18 months later they are now Mr & Mrs Chadu.

Congratulations Rachel & Yo



  • Raelee Plaister - beautiful beautiful pictures and true story made me cry, love this xxxxx RaeleeReplyCancel

  • Rachel Chadu - Thankyou so much Kathy!ReplyCancel

  • kaye Clark - That’s a beautiful story :} so are the photos.
    I keep praying Yo makes it in time for the birth, I pray he gets to live happily ever after here as a family.
    God bless you both and your baby girl.ReplyCancel